Yuri Ogannissian

We were honored by the visit of world renowned scientist Yuri Ogannisyan to the A. Alikhanyan National Laboratory. Professor Dr. Yuri Oganessian received many international awards for his work in the search for the “island of stability” predicted to occur far from stability amongst the superheavy elements. Prof. Oganessian was recognized in Armenia with the Order of Honor of the Republic in 2016. The chemical element oganesson (Og, atomic number 118) was named after him in 2016, making him the only currently living person with an element named after him. The occasion was marked in Armenia by the issue of a stamp shown below in 2017.
Prof. Oganessian holds honorary degrees from Goethe University Frankfurt (2002), University of Messina (2009), and  Yerevan State University. He is a corresponding member of the Armenian Science Academy as well as the Russian Academy of Sciences. He served as the Chair of the International Committee of Experts in the transformation of the Yerevan Physics Insitute to the A. Alikhanyan's National Science Laboratory of Armenia (AANL). He continues to be chair of the Advisory Committee of AANL and a devoted friend of physics in Armenia.
Updated: 11/15/18