Iveta Qerobyan. A story of a 78-year-old Nuclear Physicist

Iveta Qerobyan is the oldest woman scientist at A.Alikhanyan National Science Laboratory (Yerevan Physics Institute).

She envisioned her professional way in physics still at school, but she made up her mind to study Nuclear Physics only after leaving school. “Back then Nuclear Physics was a fast developing field, and I clearly realized it was a very ambitious, far-reaching domain. There was a lot to do here, so I decided to further specialize in this field,” says the scientist. She started her work at AANL (then Yerevan Physics Institute) as a student, when Artem Alikhanyan, the founder of the Institute, was the director.  She spent a year in Dubna to conduct research for her diploma work. After getting a degree she was offered a position at the Institute.

Iveta Qerobyan thinks there can be no fixed schedule for scientific research. “It is impossible to stop thinking about physics after the working day. Quite often work took up most of my family life, but for me family and work are two inseparable parts of my life. My example taught my children that profession is more than a nine-to-six job and it should be treated seriously.”

She notices that even at an older age science motivates her to keep up with modern trends and evolve with changes. Iveta Qerobyan tells with a smile that a young guy, who came to repair her computer, was surprised to see her using Unix. Perhaps he thought that an old woman could only play computer games.

Iveta Qerobyan succeeded in inculcating her children with love for science…all of her children and grandchildren are physicists and programmers.

Updated: 02/13/20