On February 6 A. Alikhanyan National Science laboratory (Yerevan Physics Institute) foundation and “Gate 42” quantum computing research center and development foundation (Gate 42) signed a cooperation agreement to pursue joint activities in quantum computing field. 

Professor Ani Aprahamian, the director of AANL, mentioned that being in line with modern scientific developments requires new collaborations.

“Numerous countries are investing significant resources into quantum computing, clearly realizing its promising potential and impact on the economy. Companies like Google and IBM have already built some quantum computers with several qubits. We cannot afford the experimental quantum computing studies in Armenia since they cost millions and billions of dollars. We do however have significant strength in theoretical aspects of quantum computing. That is the area that we are developing here at Alikhanyan”, noted Ani Aprahamian. She added that Alikhanyan is building on existing strengths and actively involving scientists from the diaspora.

The director of Gate 42 Hakob Avetisyan noted that Armenia should join in the “quantum race” which would be very beneficial strategically. “For fast and effective results, it is reasonable to have cooperation platforms with all the participants investing their resources based on the principle of open innovations”, said H. Avetisyan, emphasizing that quantum computers may be of paramount importance in the near future.

Quantum computers have the potential to tackle challenges beyond the capabilities of today’s computers. 

“In the future, quantum computers will serve as a tool to achieve new heights in most of scientific directions and economy”, mentioned H. Avetisyan.

Within the framework of the signed cooperation of AANL and Gate 42, following international trends, intend to develop this field in Armenia. Specifically a new field for education of the next generation of scientists is envisioned.


Updated: 02/11/20