International Atomic Energy Agency Representatives Visit to Alikhanian National Laboratory (AANL)

Yerevan, August 21, 2019. On August 21, Alikhanian National Laboratory hosted the representatives of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to discuss issues related to the research into medical isotopes at the AANL, the presence of radioactive sources, the conditions and the status of the Isotopes Production Center, as well as investigations in the field of low energy physics based on the cyclotron beam.
Albert Avetisyan, the head of the Center of Isotopes Production and Research presented the program on the production and research of the isotopes at the National Laboratory. Afterward, Gevorg Karyan, the deputy director of AANL and Albert Avetisyan accompanied the IAEA representatives on the tour to the Isotopes Production Center.

Updated: 08/26/19