Professor Ani Aprahamian, director of A. Alikhanyan National Laboratory of Armenia and a Frank M. Freimann chair professor of Physics at the University of Notre Dame, participated in the 27th International Nuclear Physics Conference in Glasgow with a plenary talk on “Explosive scenarios in astrophysics: Observations, models and nuclear inputs”. INPC is the biggest conference in the world for fundamental nuclear physics, held every three years, overseen by the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP). The programme covers a wide range of topics in Nuclear Physics from the study of hadrons to the heaviest nuclei, and the role of nuclear physics in our understanding of the universe. The focus of Professor Aprahamian’s work, presented at the conference, has been towards using nuclear properties to constrain the site of the r-process from various proposed astrophysical scenarios.As mentioned by the conference organizers, it is crucial for setting new priority agendas for measurements of nuclear properties far from stability at new facilities that have just been built or soon coming on-line.

The success of Professor Aprahamian’s scientific activity is underpinned by her extensive experience with setting science prioritiesas a director of numerous programs. She has served as American Physical Society’s Division of Nuclear Physics chair, and as a member of the APS Policy Committee. She is the elected representative of the USA on the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics Commission on Nuclear Physics (C-12). She has also served on various committees of the United States National Science Academies, most recently, as co-chair of the Academies study of the Science of the EIC (2018), the decadal review of nuclear physics (NP2010: released in 2012).

Alongside with her research in Nuclear Physics she has profound interest in the applications of nuclear science to energy and medicine, which she endeavors to realize as the Director of A.Alikhanian National Laboratory.

Updated: 08/09/19