On July 5, a group of scientists from AANL, engineers and medical doctors attending the IMCA (, gathered at the round table discussion coordinated by Ani Aprahamian, Director of the Alikhanian National Laboratory of Armenia, to discuss the prospects of collaboration of physicists, technicians and medical doctors on oncology and isotopes, medical diagnostics, drug testing and Nuclear Medicine in Armenia.

This discussion followed the announcement of the successful operation of the cyclotron and the production of 18 F that can be used in the detection of cancer using PET (Positron Emission Tomography). Ani Aprahamian mentioned the importance of cyclotron and PET scanner in Armenia given that Armenia is the first in the world for death in several major types of cancer.

Apart from promising joint research and clinical projects, the participants also stressed the importance of education and trainings in the field. Namely, Ani Aprahamian offered to present a curriculum for the specialization of Medical Physics in Armenia and it was agreed to deepen cooperation in that direction as well.

 Afterwards, a cyclotron tour was conducted for the discussion participants.


Updated: 07/11/19