20 High School Students Visit A.Alikhanyan Museum

 A. Alikhanyan National Scientific Laboratory hosted 20 high school students from YESEM (Alikhanyan Lab’s smart and enthusiastic minors) group who visited A.Alikhanyan Museum.
The visit was organized by the Media Group of A. Alikhanyan National Laboratory. During the visit, YESEM Group learned about A. Alikhanyan fascinating biography, interesting episodes of his life, as well as on the foundation of Yerevan Institute of Physics /now A.Alikhanyan National Laboratory/ and high altitude Nor Amberd and Aragats stations.
A.Alikhanyan National Laboratory has organized a YeSEM /YerPhI/AANL smart and enthusiastic minors/ group from 30 talented high school students whom we teach and work
This group proves that we have very good and smart students, but the limitation of the educational programs do not allow these students to display and approve their abilities.
It is our goal to explain to the public our activities and the greatness of Artem Alikhanyan.
Such visits are of continuous nature.
The current location of the A.Alikhanyan museum is temporary. In the nearest future large scale renovations are planned to carry and interested people will have the opportunity to visit the newly opened A. Alikhanyan Museum.
Updated: 01/01/70