On June 20, Director of A.I. National Science Laboratory (Yerevan Physics Institute) Professor Ani Aprahamian and the Acting Rector of the Yerevan State University Gegham Gevorgyan signed a cooperation agreement. The Dean of Physics department of the YSU, Professor Rafik Hakobyan, and the Scientific secretary of  A.I. National Science Laboratory, Arpine Piloyan,were also present at the event.

The ultimate purpose of the agreement is to trigger and expand the scientific potential in Armenia, which may contribute to the formation of economy based on science and technology. To this end, it is planned to elaborate and implement joint Master programs, proceeding from the demands of modern labour market, and particularly those of AANL. The agreement also provides for a closer scientific  collaboration between the sides.

AANL (Yerevan Physics Institute) and the Yerevan State University have a long- standing cooperation traditions, since the former was created as part of the Yerevan State University. The agreement aims at restoring these links, thereby opening horizons both for the students and the Faculty members at the Yerevan State University and the scientists at AANL.

After signing the agreement, Professor Ani Aprahamian at the seminar at Physics Department Professor Aprahamian presented the work conducted at the laboratory, as well as her vision related to the prospects and the development directions of the laboratory.

Updated: 06/25/19