Organizing Committee

Dubna: Evgeny Ivanov(Chairman), Sergey Fedoruk, Stepan Sidorov, Alexei Isaev, Alexander Sorin, Yakov Shnir , Anton Sutulin

Yerevan: Armen Nersessian (Co-Chairman), Tigran Hakobyan, Hovhannes Demirchian, Ruben Manvelyan, Hovhannes Shmavonyan, Arpine Piloyan

Supersymmetries and Quantum Symmetries – SQS'19 August 26-31, 2019 Yerevan

The Workshop SQS'19 continues a series of international seminars founded by Professor V.I. Ogievetsky (1928 - 1996). It is jointly organized by the Yerevan Physics Institute and Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna). It is for the first time when SQS Workshop will be held in Yerevan (Armenia) and for the second time when it will be outside Dubna (Russia) (SQS’01 was held in Karpacz near Wroclaw, Poland). This exceptional choice is substantiated by the close contacts of Armenian scientists with their colleagues in Dubna lasting for many years. The expected attendance is about 100 participants.
Updated: 01/30/19

The main Topics of SQS’19 are:

String and Higher Spin Theories Quantum and Geometric aspects of Supersymmetric Theories Supersymmetric Integrable models Quantum Groups and Noncommutative Geometry Standard Model and its Supersymmetric Extensions These problems are at the forefront of research in theoretical and mathematical physics. They are somehow connected with the concept of supersymmetry, and any progress in them allows one to come closer to a better understanding of physical phenomena, both at the level of the microworld and at cosmological scalesSuch studies also lead to the development of new physical-theoretical and mathematical methods which will undoubtedly find applications in related fields of science.