January 18 and 21, 2019 
January 18, Seminar hall, 3rd floor  
11.00 Opening, reminiscences on Prof. MATINYAN  11.30 Sedrakyan, Plateau transitions in QHE in topological insulators  12.00 Gurzadyan, Stepanian, On common nature of dark sector  
12.30 coffee break at Matinyan Center for Theoretical Physics, 5th floor  
13.00 Ioannisyan, Long baseline neutrino experiments: JUNO (China), DUNE (USA-CERN), HyperKamiokande (Japan) (our participation/contribution to those collaborations)  13.30 Sahakian, Statistical mechanics of reinforcement learning 
January 21, Seminar hall, 5th floor  
11.00 Babujian, Correlation Functions of Classical and Quantum Artin System defined on Lobachevsky Plane and Scrambling Time  11.30 Allahverdyan, Defining the work done on an electromagnetic field  12.00 Karakhanyan, Orthogonal and symplectic Yangians and their representations  12.20 Babajanyan, Allahverdyan, Leadership scenarios in the prisoner's game  12.40 Martirosyan, The MIXMAX random number generator and the (theoretical) spectral test for measuring the quality of the generators.  13.00 Mamasakhlisov  Kinetics of the Wako - Saito - Munoz - Eaton Model: Difference between Real and "Artificial " Proteins 
Coordinators: Gurzadyan, Sedrakyan  Sci. secretary: Stepanian 

Updated: 01/24/19