January 8 and 9, 2020

January 8, Seminar hall, 3rd floor

11.00 Opening, reminiscences on Prof. MATINYAN

11.30 Sedrakyan, Geometry of disorder potential

12.00 Gurzadyan, Stepanian, The cosmological constant as a fundamental constant

12.30 coffee break

13.00 Ioannisyan, A Standard Model explanation for the excess of electron-like events in MiniBooNE

13.30 Margarian, Nuclear Studies at Cyclotron

18 January 9, Seminar hall, 3rd floor

11.00 Mirzoyan, Machine learning and gravity lensing

11.30 T. Hakobyan, Algebra of Dunkl Laplace-Runge-Lenz vector

12.00 A. Hakobyan, Supernovae and galaxy evolution

Coordinators: Gurzadyan, Sedrakyan Sci. secretary: Stepanian

Updated: 01/12/20