Correlations in Partonic and Hadronic Interactions. 2018 September 24-28

The week-long workshop on Correlations in Partonic and Hadronic Interactions will be held at the Alikhanyan National Laboratory of Armenia (Formerly, the Yerevan Physics Institute) from September 24-28 in 2018. We expect that the key researchers in the field will contribute to the development of a coherent and exciting program, involving both the low energy and the medium energy Nuclear Physics communities and thereby increasing the international interest and support for the workshop.

The workshop will focus on the fundamental interactions that are basic to the structure and evolution of matter, the emergent phenomena in subatomic matter organization, and in a wide range of probes accessible at different facilities worldwide. Main goals of the workshop will be to contemplate the exchange of ideas between the various physics communities leading to the addition of new collaborators and the coordination of efforts on studies of the partonic structure of the matter worldwide, thereby supporting the physics programs of the facilities including JLAB, low energy accelerator laboratories, and eventually for EIC. Latest developments in experimental techniques common for high and low energy nuclear physics will be also discussed along with applications of societal impact and benefit including the production of medical isotopes.

Updated: 09/02/18