Cyclotron to be put into operation in Armenia until end of year

Cyclotron is planned to be put into operation in Armenia until the end of the year , Director of A. Alikhanyan National Science Laboratory (Yerevan Physics Institute, YerPhI) Ani Aprahamian informed at ARMENPRESS media hall that relevant specialists are already in Armenia and it’s already a week they have started working on putting the cyclotron into operation.

“Years ago the Government of Armenia acquired this equipment, but it did not work until now. The specialists arrived last week and they are working on it. I think it’s possible to put it into operation by the end of the year”, Ani Aprahamian said. According to her, it’s a very important work and will have a great contribution to the healthcare sphere. Particularly, the cyclotron can help to diagnose cancer more precisely.

“By the way, the production of isotopes is not just a health issue and we can use them in other spheres as well. I simply think that it’s of key importance for the healthcare sphere since cancer death is rather high in Armenia. If we put it into operation quickly, it will be a serious progress for diagnosing all types of cancers”, she said. She noted that when years ago Armenia acquired that equipment, many countries in the region did not have it, but now they have acquired too and it’s necessary to hurry up to put into operation our equipment.

Updated: 11/13/18