Topological order in condensed matter and beyond

Dr. Tigran Sedrakyan is Professor of Physics  at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. The main topic of Dr. Tigran Sedrakyan’s research interests is the understanding of effects of correlations in systems with large number of particles. Lately, topologically ordered and symmetry protected topological states have been the subject of his research.   Understanding of the physical manifestations of such states and requirements for their realization in experiments (quantum magnets, superconductors, cold atomic gases, microwave architectures, or non-equilibrium systems) is central to his research interests.
Dr. Tigran Sedrakyan’s colloquium is about a new modern research topic of topological order in physics, which will be made accessible for a broad audience. We are excited to invite you to attend and actively participate in this event!
The colloquium will be about topologically ordered states, such as the quantum chiral spin liquids, which are new states of matter with various exotic properties, including emergent excitations with fractional quantum numbers and fractional statistics, and robust topology-dependent ground state degeneracies. This makes chiral spin liquids promising candidate materials for quantum computers and other transformative lowpower electronics that are expected to provide revolutionary changes to how we process and store data. In this talk, I will give an overview of the field from the perspective of optical lattices that are remarkable for their capacity to host rich physics, and argue that recent developments in this field may lead to the realization of chiral spin liquids in experiments with ultracold atoms.

Updated: 06/18/19