Yerevan, 05 December 2017. YerPhI student Tigran Mkrtchyan is the youngest participant of YerPhI-CERN ATLAS collaboration. In 2017 the overall ATLAS detector has been running smoothly, in particular the Tile Hadronic Calorimeter (in which the Yerphi group is fully involved) has been running with 99% efficiency. Tigran is very active in instrumentation making multiple checks of photomultipliers used in ATLAS and testing new modern equipment to be used in future ATLAS runs in 2020.

PhD student Gevorg Nazaryan is involved in the analysis of electro-production of charged hadrons on nuclear targets, namely searching the new predicted effect on enhancement of K production on heavy targets.

In order to provide the future physics analysis direction preparation works have been started under supervising of Prof. N. Akopov with essential help of yang scientist Gevorg Karyan, who is now working at DESY with DESY-Belle2 group, being actively involved in all aspects of Belle2 physics analysis. G. Karyan will be back in March 2018 and continue as a group leader for this direction.

The main strategy adopted by the national lab is to provide to young scientists and students all possibilities to work with modern equipment in world largest international centers as CERN and DESY. Another important direction is to perform in Armenia experiments on frontiers of high- energy astrophysics research and develop networks of experimental facilities in Armenia and Eastern Europe. 

Tigran Mkrtchyan


Fig.1. YerPhI student Tigran Mkrtchyan at CERN (ATLAS collaboration)

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Fig.2. N. Akopov (right) with PhD student Gevorg Nazaryan (left) are actively participating in HERMES experiment data analysis (HERA, DESY)



Fig. 3. Young scientist Gevorg Karyan at, working now at DESY (Belle2 group)