DLNP(JINR) and A.Alikhanyan National Laboratory groups established a cooperation in 2015 to carry out beam tests of the Electromagnetic Calorimeter (EMC) prototypes on the Yerevan Linac LUE-75.
Group from DLNP (JINR) is actively involved in the Mu2e experiment at Fermilab (USA), including design, construction and maintenance of the EMC made of un-doped CsI crystals.

Preliminary test runs were performed in 2015. It was demonstrated ability to obtain an extremely low intensity beam (10-20 electrons/s). Tests of 3x3 matrix of crystals showed the possibility of using the LUE-75 to test the prototypes of the calorimeter

At present, between JINR and AANL there is an agreement on the preparation and study of calorimeter prototypes works on the first stage of 2017 was carried out at high level. For these works the YerPhI group from 23 employees was awarded.

JINR:       J.Budagov, Yu.Davydov, V.Glagolev, V.Baranov, H.Torosyan et al.

AANL:     A.Sirunyan, A.Hakobyan, H.Zohrabyan,G.Ayvazyan, A.Babayan et al.