On January 13 YerPhI director A.Chilingarian met with Wei Huang director of Planning, information and knowledge management department of nuclear energy and Michail Chudakov, Deputy Director General, head of the department of nuclear energy.Both IAEA leaders express strong interest in helping YerPhI to establish modern scientific library. IAEA gathers nuclear data, information and knowledge resources on the peaceful use of nuclear energy and makes it available to its Member States, contributing to advancing research and development and helping countries achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.“The project has not only allowed YerPhI to acquire and reuse the scientific information, but has also introduced modern technologies to support the operation of Armenia’s research facilities,” said Zaven Akopov, INIS coordinator at the IAEA. Installation on the servers of  the YerPhI IT department of the digital repository “Invenio” will not only provide access to YerPhI preprints and other scientific information, but also provides possibility to develop special data bases with scientific data collected during experiments in high-energy physics worldwide with participation of YerPhI physicists and unique data collected at Aragats stations.