Physics is more than a collection of facts and equations - it is an evolving conception of the universe through which we seek to understand ourselves

The primary goals of the Master's program started at YErPhI in 2014 are to impart expertise in current research topics on the basis of a deep knowledge of the fundamentals of the experimental physics. Research methods, data analysis and modeling, critical evaluation of scientific findings, the ability to proceed methodically in high-energy physics and astrophysics are taught by YErPhI physicists having broad international expertize. Building on the knowledge gained during the first two semesters, these abilities will be strengthened during the one-year-long research phase of the third and fourth semesters.
Since the beginning of the new semester in February 2016 a series of new lectures and invited talks are planned. Prof. A. Chilingarian has started joint video lecture courses for YerPhI master courses and for students of National Research Nuclear University (MePHI) dedicated to a new scientific topic in which physicists of Cosmic Ray division have major contribution, namely “High energy physics in atmosphere”. Russian students are following these lectures via Internet, asking questions and sending comments by Internet. Cycle of 6 lectures will be continued till end of March. Below is the link to master courses of YerPhI:…/young-scientists-and-…/master-courses

In last decade of March, 2016 a foreign member of NAS RA and former employee of National Lab prof. Alexander Khodjamirian from Siegen University, Germany is invited to give lecture series at National lab. His lectures will cover the modern theory of elementary particles, the two most recent discoveries at Large Hadron Collider, the basics of Quantum Electrodynamics and the role of hadronic effects in electroweak phenomena. 
These lectures are at introductory level and are intended mainly for the physicists working in experimental groups and for the master/PhD students specializing in experimental physics.

In May Professor Jean Lilensten, research director at the Institut de Planétologie et d’Astrophysique de Grenoble (France) is invited to deliver lectures to YerPhI master students. 
These new series of short lecture courses are not limited by these talks only, but also have tendency to continue including more and more interesting topics deepening our students’ knowledge.