Mission of the National lab includes as one of most important segments anticipates establishment of the high standards of education in Master in science[1] and PhD programs for demonstrating that science and education can really provide development of Armenia. In the end of November the Minister of education and science issued a license allowing organizing master courses for physics students. The formal aim of the MSc in Physics is: "To provide a high quality education in Physics which prepares students for research in an academic environment, national research laboratories or industry."



Yerevan physics Institute research covers a comprehensive range of topics in theoretical and experimental fields offering variety of topics for the postgraduate research program. The courses will prepare students for PhD level research or a career in an industrial or national research laboratory environment. The 2-year full-time programme consists of lecture courses and a major project work on the premises of National lab or on the world largest experimental facilities abroad. Lecture activities are followed by a supervised project in a specialist area, drawn from the research activity carried out within the Yerevan Physics Institute.


National lab is planning to start Master courses in coming year after approving the lectures and research projects lists and finishing the major repairs and equipping lecture halls in 3 main departments – Theoretical physics, Experimental physics and Cosmic Ray physics. 



[1]the Master in Science (MSc) or Magister is a postgraduate degree of two years duration that involves writing and defending a thesis based on a research project which represents the culmination of the material learned