During laboratory works students assemble systems of particle detectors; measure elemental composition of artifacts; become acquainted with modern JPU servers and GRID system and calculate proportion of generated medical isotopes.

The practical orientation of summer school emphasis that physics is experimental discipline and the route from measurements to models and theories proofs to be very effective in last and present centuries instrumenting the powerful infrastructures of our civilization and explaining micro and macro cosmos. A.Alikhanyan national lab provides to student modern experimental facilities encouraging them to be a part of scientific endeavor.  

Mission of the National lab includes as one of most important segments anticipates establishment of the high standards of education in Master in science and PhD programs for demonstrating that science and education can really provide development of Armenia. National lab is starting Master courses in 2014 for physics students.  The formal aim of the MSc in Physics is: "To provide a high quality education in Physics which prepares students for research in an academic environment, national research laboratories and industry." 

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Figure 1 Electronics lab; Gagik Hovsepyan demonstrates particle detectors and front-end electronics for measuring incident particle flux

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Figure 2 Material science lab; Suren Sogomonyan explains operation of the XRF device for measuring of elemental composition 

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Figure 3 Visit to computer center; Sargis Mkoyan speak about new generation of JPU servers recently installed in YerPhI