Часть Laniakea
Часть Laniakea
Изображение: SDvision interactive visualization software by DP at CEA/Saclay, France








Астрофизики из США, Франции и Израиля построили карту локальной Вселенной. Новое исследование позволило ученым найти границу группысверхскоплений, которую ученые назвали «Неизмеримыми небесами» (Laniakea — Ланиакеа — на гавайском языке). Результаты своих исследований авторы опубликовали в журнале Nature.


The universe is indeed a curious place. Even stranger are the processes and phenomena that occur in the universe, some are without explanation, some are quite dangerous, and some are just really cool.

10. Life itself


It is truly amazing what goes on in our body. Think about it. You are nothing more than a random assortment of tiny molecules called atoms that individually have no life themselves. Then the atoms somehow find a way to make up cells, which in turn drive the processes that allow



CHANDRA :15 years on orbit

June 10, 2014:  Years ago, in 2008 and 2009 an eerie quiet descended on the sun.  Sunspot counts dropped to historically-low levels and solar flares ceased altogether.  As the longest and deepest solar minimum in a century unfolded, bored solar physicists wondered when "Solar Max" would ever return.

They can stop wondering. "It's back," says Dean Pesnell of the Goddard Space Flight Center.  "Solar Max has arrived."

A new ScienceCast video examines the curious Solar Max