Ashot Chilingarian  

YerPhI director


Data  taken from Google Scholar:  

From 1970-2017

h-index = 50    

Total number of published articles =462

Citations= 9696

From 2012-2017

h-index = 32

Total number of published articles  = 38

Citations= 3511

Most cited journal papers written by CRD employees

KASCADE measurements of energy spectra for elemental groups of cosmic rays: Results and open problems

T Antoni, WD Apel, AF Badea, K Bekk, A Bercuci, J Blümer, H Bozdog, ...

Astroparticle physics 24 (1), 1-25



Methods for multidimensional event classification: a case study using images from a Cherenkov gamma-ray telescope

RK Bock