14:00 Tuesday 29 July		YerPhI seminar hall
Roza Avetisyan (YerPhI)

Abstract: The available experimental data in neutron low energy region are scarce. We have carried out new calculations using nuclear reactions codes EMPIRE-3.1 and TALYS 1.4. The results are compared with available experimental and theoretical data. The possibility of obtaining the neutron beam by the external proton beam of cyclotron C18/18 with energy 18 MeV and current 100 μA through the reaction 7Li(p,n)7Be was investigated. The opportunity of using the obtained neutrons beam with energy up to 16 MeV for measurements of (n,p), (n,γ) and (n,α) reactions cross sections is studyed.
As usable targets the natCa for (n,p) reaction and the natZr for (n,γ) reaction are considered. There is no experimental cross section data for bothCalcium and Zirconium elements for neutron low energy range. On the other hand, Zirconium is an important and major component of the structural 
materials used in traditional and advanced nuclear reactors, owing to its very low absorption cross-sections for thermal neutrons and resistance to corrosion.