Tuesday, 22 July (YerPhi seminar hall, 3'rd floor).
 Frontiers of Modern Physics


3-dimensional uniform response: a new design of light collection for scintillation detectors

by Varlen Grabski

Abstract: A new light collection design for scintillators have been proposed to satisfy the ALICE V0 upgrade requirements like surface uniform response and time resolution of order of 200ps. The optical fiber based light collection design is a fiber matrix mounted on the surface of the scintillator allowing the one-to-one projection of the scintillator surface to the photon sensor surface. Although this design was developed for the high energy physics, it has also imaging capability, which can be interesting for the applications. The coordinate measurement capability and 3-dimensional uniform response of this design with good time resolution could make it interesting for PET and other medical physics applications.

Short info: Prof. Grabski works at Instituto de Fisica, Univercidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. A preliminary version of his talk is available at the website: