Physics is more than a collection of facts and equations - it is an evolving conception of the universe through which we seek to understand ourselves.

Master Courses Journal


What is and Why to choose the Nuclear physics and Elementary Particles physics program at A.Alikhanyan national lab (Yerevan Physics Institute)?

This Master program will give a coherent education in experimental High-energy physics and astrophysics. In addition, specialized courses on modern areas of High-energy physics applications will be offered. YerPhI has close connections to world largest experimental facilities at CERN, Jlab, DESY as well as with MAGIC and HESS experiments and planned ACT experiment.  The first year consists of lectures covering the fundamentals of High Energy Physics and Astrophysics, as well as exercises and laboratory work. The second year consists of specialized lecture courses, coinciding in third semester with followed by a 12-month Master thesis.