The high frequency (HF) detector, installed in September 2014 at Aragats and in Yerevan is a active outdoor whip antenna (MFJ-1024) thatcovers 50 KHz to 30 MHz frequency range, a digital oscilloscope (Picoscope 3206) with maximum sampling rate of 200MS/s, and an on-line PC. The apparatus allows to record the waveform of HF radio emission with temporal resolution of 5ns, repetition rate of 1 Hz, and data capture length of 5 ms. The radio measurements are compared with the time series of the near-surface electric field disturbances (measured with Boltek  EFM-100 field mill), and with the time series of occurrences of lightning (detected with Boltek Storm Tracker Lightning Detector).  Correlations between radio frequency detected events and data of the two Boltek devices are presented. 



Figure 1 Suren Sogomonyan near new installed on Aragats fast electric field monitoring system. Measurement system involves flat plate antenna followed by a passive integrator,  and a digital storage oscilloscope with 10 ns sampling interval.


Figure 2 Thunderstorm at Aragats September 21, 2014; registered pattern of the waveform of wideband electric field disturbances.