Prof. Ashot Chilingarian is the director of A.Alikhanyan National laboratory (Yerevan Physics Institute, YerPhI).


Dr. Chilingarian earned his Ph.D. in 1984 and Doctorate of Science in Physics and Mathematics in 1991 from YerPhI. From 1971 to 1993 he was a scientist, senior scientist and data analysis group leader at the Yerevan Physics Institute. In 1993 Ashot Chilingarian became the deputy director of Yerevan Physics Institute, as well as head of the Cosmic Ray Division, in 2008 – director of the Yerevan Physics Institute.

Prof. A. Chilingarian has a vast experience in cosmic ray physics, particle detection and data acquisition, multivariate statistical data analysis, space weather, atmospheric sensing and electricity, and the connection of lightning and particle acceleration in thunderclouds. He has made substantial contribution to the measurement of cosmic ray composition and energy spectrum using facilities on two altitudes on Mt.Aragats, Armenia, which is a unique location for the studies performed. He developed advanced analysis methods for the difficult problem of photon shower identification for Cherenkov telescopes in gamma ray astronomy which substantially enhanced the sensitivity of the HEGRA and MAGIC gamma ray instrument.


Prof. A. Chilingarian was and is member of large international collaboration KASCADE, MAGIC, ANI. Groups headed by him develop new multivariate analysis methods allowing new physical inference and achieved a very high international visibility. He serves on many international conferences boards and commissions. His group deploys particle detectors in countries where high-energy astrophysics was not yet developed. A.Chilingarian started series of symposia in new fast developing area of high-energy physics in atmosphere. During 6 meetings scientists from many countries exchange ideas on explanation of new explored phenomena and visited high altitude stations of YerPhI.

Currently he is Armenia’s representative to the International Space Weather Initiative. He is the founder and spokesperson for the ANI and ASEC collaborations, and fellow of the American Physical Society, associate editor of the Space Weather and Space Climate (SWSC) journal and serves as reviewer for many international journals...more on professional biography of prof. Chilingarian