V.G. Gurzadyan, A.L. Kashin, H. Khachatryan, E. Poghosian, S. Sargsyan, G. Yegorian, To the Center of Cold Spot with Planck.pdf, Astronomy & Astrophysics, 566,  A135 (2014)

The sky region known as Cold Spot was noticed in 2004 as a non-Gaussian anomaly in the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) maps obtained by Wilkinson Microwave Background Probe (NASA). Various hypotheses have been suggested regarding its nature.

This paper on the sophisticated analysis of the data obtained by PLANCK satellite represents direct indications on the void nature of the Cold Spot, i.e. a low density region in the galaxy distributions. This conclusion has been readily supported by collaboration Szapudi et al analyzing the large scale galaxy distribution.

This paper has been promptly picked up by cosmology portals, noticing that the Cold Spot-supervoid as the largest structure known in the Universe "will likely raise more questions than it answers. If the Great Void is responsible for the Cold Spot, then what is responsible for the Great Void?"