Accretion on massive black holes in galactic nuclei

Link to the paper: V. G. GURZADYAN & L. M. OZERNOY, Accretion on massive black holes in galactic nuclei, Nature 280, 214 - 215.pdf 

This is one of early papers on the study of physical processes near
massive black holes and on huge energy release observed in galactic nuclei due to tidal disruption of stars by a massive black hole.

This was a pioneering paper in introducing the elliptic accretion disks, currently believed to be common in galactic nuclei, also the characteristic time scales of the physical processes have been estimated.

Today, massive objects believed to be black holes are firmly discovered in many galactic 
nuclei, and the tidal disruption of stars is associated with the flares of huge energy release observed from there. The observation and such interpretation of those flares is an actively developing area of extragalactic astrophysics.

These results are quoted in key studies, e.g. by Nobel laureate Ch. Townes et al in "Nature" (1983) discussing energy release mechanisms in galactic nuclei. This was the first paper by postgraduate student V.Gurzadyan.