International ICTP school "Complex quantum systems out of equilibrium in many-body physics and beyond"

May 27-31, 2019, Yerevan, Armenia

The school will consist of introductory lectures aimed at graduate students, postdocs, and junior researchers. Topics include – far from equilibrium physics, many-body coherent dynamics, Anderson and many-body localization, and quantum information processing from many-body physics prospective. Participants are encouraged to present short talks on their research. The best presentation will be awarded by our media partner Entropy ( ); see below.

This is the first part of a two-week ICTP external activity; please see here. It will take place in the conference center of Yerevan State University, Armenia. The school is locally organized by a group of scientists from Alikhanyan National Science Laboratory (Yerevan Physics Institute), and will be followed by an international conference on similar subjects.

If you would like to apply, please send an e-mail to Grants are available to support participation of regional students.

Preliminary List Of Lecturers

  • Vladimir Kravtsov (ICTP)
  • Igor Aleiner[*] (Columbia University)
  • Alex Kamenev (University of Minnesota)
  • Dan Shahar (Weizmann Institute)
  • Marcos Rigol (Penn State University)
  • Vadim Smelyansky (Google)
  • Martin Weigel[*] (Coventry University)
  • David Petrosyan (IESL, Greece)
[*] to be confirmed

International Organizing Committee

  • Boris Altshuler (Columbia University)
  • Rosario Fazio (ICTP)
  • Igor Lerner (University of Birmingham)
  • Emil Yuzbashyan (Rutgers University)
  • Vladimir Gasparyan (California State University Bakersfield)

Local Organizers

  • Nerses Ananikian (YerPhi)
  • Armen Allahverdyan (YerPhi)
  • Armen Nersessian (YerPhi)
  • Lev Ananikyan (YerPhi)
  • Rosario Fazio (ICTP)
  • Nikolay Izmailyan (YerPhi)
  • Vadim Ohanyan (Yerevan State University)
  • Zhyrair Gevorkian (Yerevan Physics Institute)
  • Arpine Piloyan (secretary) (YerPhi)

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.


The best presentation by a young scientist will get a prize (300 CHF) from our media partner Entropy ( ). This open access journal maintains a rigorous and fast peer-review system with a median publication time of 53.5 days from submission to publication online. It is fully covered by the leading indexing and abstracting services, including Scopus and SCIE (Web of Science), Google Scholar and MathSciNet.

There is an international conference related to the school

“Complex quantum systems out of equilibrium in many-body physics and beyond”


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