Frontiers of modern physics

Seminar for Young Scientists, Postgraduate Students and Undergraduates

National Instruments products in the KATRIN experiment

The Karlsruhe Tritium Neutrino (KATRIN) experiment will determine the mass of the electron neutrino with a sensitivity of 0.2 eV (90% CL) via a measurement of the beta-spectrum of gaseous tritium near its endpoint of E0 = 18.57 keV. An ultra-high vacuum (~10-11 mbar) and very low background ~10 mHz is among the requirements on reaching this sensitivity. Using modern hardware and software solutions from National Instruments helps to achieve those challenging parameters. Distributed network of programmable controllers provide high-reliable control and monitoring of different parameters of KATRIN experiment’s setup. Number of applications based on LabVIEW and DIADEM software from National Instruments will be presented.

A.Beglarian                                  Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
 14:00, Wednesday 24 July            YerPHI seminar hall, 3-rd floor