The European Physical Society selected the Yerevan and Artsakh "Young Minds" As The Winners

The European Physical Society selected the Yerevan  and Artsakh "Young Minds" groups  as the winners for the best activity in 2019 for the  "Handmade Science" project.
The group from Armenia was chosen from 24 projects submitted from 17 different countries.
Hripsime Mkrtchyan, who is a graduate student at AANL working on her dissertation in Cosmic Ray Division on the topic of thundercloud electrification and related phenomena,  has been leading and organizing a group called " Yerevan Young Minds" made up of students from Yerevan State University and A. Alikhanyan National Laboratory. 
She  and the group recently participated  in the European Physical Society's  Young Minds annual meeting and presented the Yerevan Young Minds's "Handmade Science" project. The goal of "Handmade Science" is to complement and add to science education between high school and university. "Yerevan Young minds" has been building science kits and giving  as gifts to schools where are no science laboratories. The kits allow students to do hands-on experiments. For example,  one kit included,  a  Tesla coil and a booklet of potential experiments in Armenian to explore the impact of electromagnetism, from creating electricity to the basic properties of magnetic fields. 
The European Physical Society selected the Yerevan and Artsakh Young Minds projects as the best activity in 2019.


Updated: 05/31/19