The list of confirmed participants:

Didier Sornette, ETH Zurich.
Thomas Lux, Kiel University, Germany.
Matthias Luecke, Kiel University, Germany.
Matteo Marsili, ICTP.
Stefan Thurner- Wien Medical University and Santa Fe Institute of complex systems.
Serge Galam,Paris.
Alexandr Shananin, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.
Bruce Poghosian, Tufts University, Boston.
Andreas Pyka, Hohenheim University, Stuttgart.
Ao Ping, Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China.
Juan Parrondo, Madrid University.
Armen Allahverdyan-ANL, Yerevan.
David Saakian-ANL Yerevan.
Narek Martirosyan, YSU, Yerevan.
Tatoul Manaseryan YSU, Yerevan.

Modeling the economics and politics for the optimal development

ANL organizes an interdisciplinary workshop with the support of ICTP, Thomas Lux, D. B. Saakian are the chairs of workshop: “Modeling the economics and politics for the optimal development”, Yerevan, April 1-2. The contact e-mail: Deadline: 31.01.2019
Updated: 12/24/18

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    The sections:
    1. The modeling of politics and decision making.
    2. The modeling of financial markets, risk, crisis.
    3. The modeling of macroeconomics for optimal development and the economics of innovations.
    4. The development and stability of complex systems.
    Round table discussions:
    1. Stimulating growth and development: lessons for economic policy in Armenia
    2. The innovation clusters basic science-education- industry.
    3. Financial crises: Their origins and prevention.